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Internal Imaging

Digital Radiography and high tech Ultrasound Scanning give us a window to "see inside" your pet to diagnose problems promptly and accurately.


Our digital radiography suite at our Shenley surgery produces excellent quality images to help diagnose both injuries and internal disorders. We can also take x-rays for hip and elbow scores to screen before breeding.

Ultrasonography Scans

Our scanning facities give us the opportunity to "see inside" an animal non-invasively. This can be an extremely helpful diagnostic tool not only in pregnancy, but also to view the health of organs such as the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and bladder.

Electrocardiography Monitoring (ECG)

ECG's are used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. We use this to diagnose irregular heart rhythmns, especially useful with our geriatric patients.

Blood Testing

Ensure the upmost health of your pet with blood and urine tests carried out on site for rapid results. For tests we can't do ourselves a courier to our external lab gets results as soon as possible.

Blood tests are an essential part of accurate diagnosis and allow us to carefully monitor the health of major organs. This is useful not only when your pet is unwell, but also for screening as part of a general health check to detect diseases earlier.

In-House Laboratory

Receive prompt and accurate results for your animal’s blood or urine tests. Fast diagnosis means the right treatment can start immediately so your pet recovers quickly. We can test for diabetes, liver and kidney problems, anaemia, thyroid, cystitis, bladder stones and much more and our results are usually available within one hour.

External Laboratory

We courier samples to our external lab for more complex cases. This means they can be processed as rapidly as possible.

Pet Surgery

Whether your pet needs routine surgery, or a life-saving operation, Wellpet's vets and nurses are here to ensure the safest, most caring experience. We will help you and your pet through it as stress and pain-free as possible.

We look after your pet through all the stages of surgery to ensure they’re healthy and comfortable. Pain-relieving drugs are routinely administered to facilitate this.

Our sterile operating theatre offers optimal operating conditions, along with experienced staff who closely monitor all patients for the best surgical experience and recovery possible.

Pet Dentistry

Destroy bad breath and enjoy getting up close and personal with your canine and feline friends. Contact us for a dedicated cat and dog dentist who gives your pet’s teeth a glowing bill of health.

Terrific Teeth

Reduce discomfort for your pet by treating them to quality dental care. Wellpet Veterinary Practice Ltd offers animal dentistry services to combat oral health issues. Dental health is extremely important in our pets because in cats alone, 70% have significant dental decay when they’re over the age of six.

Ward off the worst dental problems with our preventative health care. Our vets actively promote measures that help ensure your animal’s good health is not being compromised. We address any issues that may arise with our state-of-the-art dental equipment.


Cover all bases when it comes to the health of your animal companion. Call us for small animal imaging that helps to find out what is wrong with your pet so we can treat them sooner.

Marvellous Microscopy

Make sure your pet is completely healthy and don’t miss a thing with our thorough microscopy. Our microscope identifies:

  • Parasites
  • Crystals in urine
  • Bacteria
  • Blood abnormalities
  • Tumour cells

Targeted Care

If your pet should need routine surgery, dentistry or a life saving operation the vets and nurses are here to help you and your animal through it as stress free and painless as possible.