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Welcome to Wellpet Veterinary Practice

Where our friendly team ensure the highest level of veterinary care and client service. We understand how truly important your pets are to you, so we are here with advice or just a reassuring chat, to give you the owner peace of mind. From routine vaccinations to major surgery, we are fully dedicated to providing the expert veterinary treatment your pets deserve.

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We are offering ‘Kerbside Consultations’. These are for anyone who is self-isolating but needs to bring their pet to be seen. It will work like this: make an appointment as usual, making us aware you are self-isolating. When you arrive at the surgery you must stay in your car, and ring us to tell us you have arrived. One of our staff will come out to your car and collect your pet, with no contact with yourself. The vet will examine your pet and ring you, explaining diagnosis and treatment. The nurse will then bring your pet, along with any medications back to the car and will ask you to ring reception to make payment over the phone. We will take extreme care regarding contamination and are confident we can carry this out with no cross infection.

We understand that the government is imposing self-isolation on the over 70’s and we know how worried this will make some of our clients. So we are here to help! If you are over 70 and your pet needs to be seen, and you don’t have family or friends who are able to help out, one of our nurses will come and pick up your pet from your home. We will bring it to the surgery where the vet will do a telephone consult with your pet on the table. We will then bring your pet and any medication back to you, with every attempt to reduce contact. If you need pet food or supplies we will try and get those for you as well.

About us

About us

Wellpet is a small, family-run business, here to care for your family pets. We are proud of our reputation for providing the highest level of veterinary care for your pet.

The Practice was established at the Shenley site at least 60 years ago, it was taken over by husband and wife team Glen and Jo Foley in 1999. Since then investment in staff and equipment has grown the practice into what it is today. Family owned and run, we pride ourselves on being honest, fair and compassionate. Providing personal one-to-one care, we try to ensure YOUR vet is the one you see and trust.

Meet the team
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Animal Lovers

Receive personal care from a vet that knows you and your pet. Since Wellpet Veterinary Practice is a small clinic, you’ll usually visit the same vet each time, so your animal feels more comfortable.

Provide your pet with the expert attention they deserve. Our friendly and professional veterinary staff have more than 25 years of experience in caring for small animals, and our practice has been established for more than 60 years.

Priority Pets

Visit a vet who is motivated by the wellbeing of your pet, not corporate profit strategies. We are proud to deliver exceptionally high levels of care, attention and treatment.

Your pet is our priority, so we take great care of every small patient that comes through our doors. Our well-equipped surgeries facilitate the high-quality care and personal service from our friendly staff.

Our reputation speaks for itself as we are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Shenley - we have moved

Our new address is:
Orchard Villa
Porters Park Drive

We have successfully moved, please like our Facebook page and Instagram for regular updates.

As well as a beautiful newly refurbished surgery, we will be opening a pet grooming salon. Also located at Orchard Villa, WellGroomed will soon be open for business, details to follow!


Internal Imaging

Digital Radiography and high tech Ultrasound Scanning give us a window to "see inside" your pet to diagnose problems promptly and accurately. From vaccinations to major surgery, we are fully dedicated to providing the expert veterinary treatment your pets deserve.

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Blood Testing

Ensure the upmost health of your pet with blood and urine tests carried out on site for rapid results. For tests we can't do ourselves a courier to our external lab gets results as soon as possible.

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Pet Surgery

Whether your pet needs routine surgery, or a life-saving operation, Wellpet's vets and nurses are here to ensure the safest, most caring experience. We will help you and your pet through it as stress and pain-free as possible.

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Pet Dentistry

Destroy bad breath and enjoy getting up close and personal with your canine and feline friends. Contact us in Shenley for a dedicated cat and dog dentist who gives your pet’s teeth a glowing bill of health.

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Cover all bases when it comes to the health of your animal companion. Call us in Shenley, Hertfordshire, for small animal imaging that helps to find out what is wrong with your pet so we can treat them sooner.

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Targeted Care

If your pet should need routine surgery, dentistry or a life saving operation the vets and nurses are here to help you and your animal through it as stress free and painless as possible.

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